5 Tips for Staying Cool On Your Summer Disney World Vacation

Sun Cropped SmallWe’ve often heard people ask how hot it really is in the summer at Walt Disney World. Answer – it’s very hot – all day. Imagine waking up at your resort, taking a shower, feeling nice and clean, then stepping outside to head to the parks. The heat and humidity hits you in the face. It feels like you just opened an oven door, and you can’t see through the steam on your sunglasses.

Before long you wonder what the point of taking a shower was, because you’re already sweating through your clean clothes. We know this because our vacations are always in the summer. But we still love it! There are ways to beat the heat during your summer trip to Walt Disney World, and we want to share our tips for keeping cool.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Water Small
Drink That Water!

Step number one for staying cool and feeling good is to stay hydrated. Your best choice is water. Fill a few bottles at your resort and keep them in the freezer overnight to help them stay cold during the day. All quick service locations in WDW will give you free cups of ice water. Don’t like the taste of Florida tap water? Try bringing instant flavor packets or liquids, or if you prefer no flavor, get your free water from Starbucks! They use special filtered water so it doesn’t affect the taste of their coffee.

Take an Afternoon Break
Avoid the hottest part of the day, from around noon to 4:00, by taking a break from the heat. Our favorite way to do this is to head back to the resort to freshen up and try to rest. We’ll head back to the parks around dinner time and stay until park close. If you don’t want to leave the park or it’s not convenient, take a “break” by planning to experience the indoor rides midday. Every park has multiple indoor rides and shows that will help you cool down. Our favorite is Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom!

Choose the Right Clothes
Wearing light colored, loose clothes will definitely help you stay cool. Dark colors absorb the heat and make you feel hotter, and tight clothes don’t allow and breeze or other air movement, keeping the heat in.

Walk Through Gift Shops
There are several opportunities to walk through gift shops on your way to your next attraction. Pop in to browse the merchandise and get a quick cool off in the process. TIP: the stores on Main Street at Magic Kingdom are all connected. You can start just after Casey’s corner and walk all the way to the beginning of Main Street without going back outside.

Get Wet

Splash Mountain.jpeg
Our Laughing Place (I’m in yellow.)

One good thing about the Florida summer heat is that you can ride water rides and play in splash pads without worrying about staying wet all day. Trust us, you’ll dry off quickly. Consider taking a plunge on Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom or braving Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom – warning – you could get drenched on that one.

Looking for something lighter? Bring a water misting fan. You can get them outside of WDW for under $10; they’ll run you about $20 in the parks.

Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen! The Florida sun can sneak up on you even on overcast days. Apply before you leave your resort, and reapply during the day.

So, go ahead and plan that summer Walt Disney World vacation! What tips do you have for staying cool? Let us know in the comments.


2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Staying Cool On Your Summer Disney World Vacation”

  1. We often go in February, and even then it is difficult to beat the heat, I just couldn’t imagine going in July! Thanks for the tips!


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