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Farewell to DisneyQuest

Walt Disney was a man who believed in innovating and always moving forward, so it should come as no surprise that changes are always being made around the Walt Disney World Resort. Today, a big and emotional change is happening as we say farewell to DisneyQuest. DisneyQuest opened on June 19, 1998 as a part… Continue reading Farewell to DisneyQuest

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Food Truck Rally Invades Disney Springs

Visitors to Disney Springs certainly have no shortage of amazing restaurants from which to choose anytime hunger strikes. With over 50 different places to eat, Disney Springs definitely has something to tempt even the pickiest eater. This weekend though, there will be several more amazing dining opportunities as Disney Springs plays host to the "Springs… Continue reading Food Truck Rally Invades Disney Springs

Disney Springs, News

Preferred Parking at Disney Springs 

Preferred parking has been in place at Walt Disney World parks for several months, but beginning on June 1, 2017 preferred parking is an option for guests visiting Disney Springs as well. Preferred parking is available in two different lots, the Lemon lot (located near the World of Disney store on the Marketplace side) and the… Continue reading Preferred Parking at Disney Springs