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Food Truck Rally Invades Disney Springs

Visitors to Disney Springs certainly have no shortage of amazing restaurants from which to choose anytime hunger strikes. With over 50 different places to eat, Disney Springs definitely has something to tempt even the pickiest eater.

fish and chippy.png
London Fish N Chippy food truck
This weekend though, there will be several more amazing dining opportunities as Disney Springs plays host to the “Springs Street Eats” food truck rally. Two of Disney’s permanent trucks will be joined by six other popular food trucks on Friday, June 2 from 4:00 PM-11:00 PM and Saturday, June 3 from noon-11:00 PM. The food truck rally will be parked on the West Side of Disney Springs in front of Cirque Du Soleil.

The trucks taking part in the rally are:

Fantasy Fare: Food from Disney theme parks around the world (permanent truck)

World Showcase of Flavors: Food featured at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival (permanent truck)

900 Degreez Pizza: Italian wood fired pizzas

Caketeer: Cupcakes from Orlando and around central Florida

London Fish N Chippy: Fresh fried seafood featuring homemade beer batter

Magic 4 UR Palate: Creative dishes that are appealing to the eye

Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks: Hot and fresh Philly style cheeseteaks

Tikiz Shaved Ice: Features ice-cream and Hawaiian shaved ice

If you’re at Disney Springs on June 2nd or 3rd be sure to check out the food and let us know what you think!

Food truck overview.png
Springs Street Eats food truck rally
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Preferred Parking at Disney Springs 

Preferred parking has been in place at Walt Disney World parks for several months, but beginning on June 1, 2017 preferred parking is an option for guests visiting Disney Springs as well.


Preferred parking is available in two different lots, the Lemon lot (located near the World of Disney store on the Marketplace side) and the Grapefruit lot (located near the West Side). The cost for preferred parking at Disney Springs is $10.

Guests who are looking for complimentary  parking are in luck! Free parking is still available in both the Orange and Lime garages, as well as the Strawberry and Watermelon parking lots.

Would you pay for preferred parking at Disney Springs?


5 Tips for Staying Cool On Your Summer Disney World Vacation

Sun Cropped SmallWe’ve often heard people ask how hot it really is in the summer at Walt Disney World. Answer – it’s very hot – all day. Imagine waking up at your resort, taking a shower, feeling nice and clean, then stepping outside to head to the parks. The heat and humidity hits you in the face. It feels like you just opened an oven door, and you can’t see through the steam on your sunglasses.

Before long you wonder what the point of taking a shower was, because you’re already sweating through your clean clothes. We know this because our vacations are always in the summer. But we still love it! There are ways to beat the heat during your summer trip to Walt Disney World, and we want to share our tips for keeping cool.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Water Small
Drink That Water!

Step number one for staying cool and feeling good is to stay hydrated. Your best choice is water. Fill a few bottles at your resort and keep them in the freezer overnight to help them stay cold during the day. All quick service locations in WDW will give you free cups of ice water. Don’t like the taste of Florida tap water? Try bringing instant flavor packets or liquids, or if you prefer no flavor, get your free water from Starbucks! They use special filtered water so it doesn’t affect the taste of their coffee.

Take an Afternoon Break
Avoid the hottest part of the day, from around noon to 4:00, by taking a break from the heat. Our favorite way to do this is to head back to the resort to freshen up and try to rest. We’ll head back to the parks around dinner time and stay until park close. If you don’t want to leave the park or it’s not convenient, take a “break” by planning to experience the indoor rides midday. Every park has multiple indoor rides and shows that will help you cool down. Our favorite is Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom!

Choose the Right Clothes
Wearing light colored, loose clothes will definitely help you stay cool. Dark colors absorb the heat and make you feel hotter, and tight clothes don’t allow and breeze or other air movement, keeping the heat in.

Walk Through Gift Shops
There are several opportunities to walk through gift shops on your way to your next attraction. Pop in to browse the merchandise and get a quick cool off in the process. TIP: the stores on Main Street at Magic Kingdom are all connected. You can start just after Casey’s corner and walk all the way to the beginning of Main Street without going back outside.

Get Wet

Splash Mountain.jpeg
Our Laughing Place (I’m in yellow.)

One good thing about the Florida summer heat is that you can ride water rides and play in splash pads without worrying about staying wet all day. Trust us, you’ll dry off quickly. Consider taking a plunge on Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom or braving Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom – warning – you could get drenched on that one.

Looking for something lighter? Bring a water misting fan. You can get them outside of WDW for under $10; they’ll run you about $20 in the parks.

Finally, don’t forget your sunscreen! The Florida sun can sneak up on you even on overcast days. Apply before you leave your resort, and reapply during the day.

So, go ahead and plan that summer Walt Disney World vacation! What tips do you have for staying cool? Let us know in the comments.


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From Wishes to Happily Ever After – Walt Disney World Replacing its Nighttime Show at Magic Kingdom

Faith steps in and sees you through.

On May 11, 2017, Disney’s nighttime fireworks show at Magic Kingdom, Wishes, will have its final show. Happily Ever After, the new show, will debut May 12. Reactions from Disney fans range from devastated to hopeful.

Over the past 14 years, Wishes has been a favorite of visitors to Walt Disney World. The story of believing in your wishes and dreams, and being careful what you wish for, has tugged at the heartstrings of the young and old. So the new show has a lot to live up to.

We first saw Wishes in 2005 on our honeymoon, so it has special meaning to us. We make a point to see it multiple times every trip, even getting park hopper passes just so we can return to Magic Kingdom after spending the day at another park. We’ve even watched Wishes from the Polynesian beach on a trip to Orlando when we didn’t have any park tickets. When we heard that Wishes would be ending, we were not happy at all! So, you can say it’s going to take a lot for this new show to impress us.

That being said, I’ve learned to never judge something from Disney before you have experienced it yourself. This past week, the Disney Parks Blog released a preview of Happily Ever After and I have to admit the music was promising. Disney’s castle projections have always been impressive and who doesn’t like lasers, but I hope the story makes it a show that goes beyond just visually appealing.

In just a few days (hopefully sometime this summer for us) people will get to experience it for themselves. I predict that some will hate it, some will love it, and others will be somewhere in the middle. Or maybe it will be so amazing that we all develop a new love. Only time will tell.


Word of Mouse

Welcome to Word of Mouse!

If you found this blog, you must be a Disney fan, and we are too! Though neither of started out that way growing up. In this post we want to share who we are, how we developed our passion for all things Disney, and what to expect from Word of Mouse.

Who We Are

Sassagoula Boat Ride
Sassagoula River Cruise – Port Orleans French Quarter

My name is Jennifer and my first trip to Walt Disney World was in 2001 when I was 19 years old. It was exciting to finally be visiting The Most Magical Place on Earth! I didn’t know much about the parks, but the thought of seeing Cinderella Castle in person made me smile. Spoiler alert – when I rounded the corner on Main Street and saw the castle for the first time, I cried.

I have my husband Chad – the other author of this blog – to thank. It was his family that I went with on this magical first trip. Chad’s first trip to Walt Disney World was when he was five years old, but he didn’t go again until our trip with his family in 2001. We stayed offsite at what was then called the Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels. Though we now prefer to stay onsite, we are glad to have the offsite experience.

One Little Spark

Something about that trip stuck with us, and in 2005 we honeymooned at Walt Disney  World. It was this trip that sparked our love. Maybe it was Port Orleans French Quarter (still our favorite resort today), maybe it was the food (but definitely not Spoodles – more about that in a future post), or maybe it was Disney magic. Whatever the reason, we have vacationed in Walt Disney World nearly every year since. In that time, we have grown to love the parks, the planning, the food, and Walt Disney himself.

Why We Are Writing

Partners Statue – Magic Kingdom

Our goal with this blog is to share our love for all things Disney – from our experiences in the parks and resorts to Disney news. We’ll talk about our favorite things (and least favorite), planning tips, mistakes we’ve made and learned from, with a little history thrown in. In the end we hope to never lose sight of one thing, it was all started by Walt Disney and a mouse.